Boa me na me mmoa wo - Share with your community

Boa me na me mmoa wo - Share with your community

Newmont Ghana joins with United Way Ghana and the Manya Kroba Queen Mothers in Ghana to assist HIV/AIDS orphans

Manya Krobo Queen Mother introducing the HIV/AIDs orphans to Newmont Ghana employees.

On February 14 2007, 50 employees and spouses of Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd., in partnership with United Way Ghana (UWG), assisted in a one-day building project to accommodate HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children at Krobo Odumase in the Manya Krobo district of the Eastern Region of Ghana. The company also provided almost 2000 cement blocks, several hundred bags of cement and a water tank for the children's residential center.

This activity marked the annual Day of Caring event, which began in Accra on Valentines Day last year. The volunteer event involves 100's of individuals and employees from companies in Ghana who interrupt their normal work schedule on Valentines Day to make the day more purposeful in caring and sharing love with communities.

Manya Krobo is one of the districts in Ghana with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Poor health facilities and lack of equipment to treat viral infections often lead to the death of these infected people, leaving behind orphaned children to remain with their relatives and friends, who themselves are poor. A Queen Mother's Association was set up in 1989 to help in the responsibility of taking care of these orphans. These Queen Mothers - a formidable group - supervised the Newmont people undertaking the building in this project.

Newmont Ghana Gold Ltd. also took the opportunity of its involvement in the Day of Caring to launch our employee 'Share with your Community,' volunteer donation program. In the major Ghanaian language, Twi, this concept translates as 'boa me na me mmoa wo.' The program will involve workplace donations to select Ghanaian charities, which Newmont will match. Newmont has committed USD 50,000 per year for three years to United Way Ghana to support this pilot.

Newmont employees and spouses work with community members to help builda new community center for HIV/AIDs orphans in the eastern region of Ghana.